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Born in Chiba Prefecture in 1978. Became a chef at Nontoroppon at the age of 20.
Recently, he has been studying a wide range of topics, including Edo cuisine, the hometown of his own cuisine.
Italian cuisine is full of the kindness of mothers,
There is a depth of love that connects people to the land.
It gives you the feeling of a small universe and conveys happiness.
My Italian cuisine is inspired by traditional Italian regional cuisine, new Italian cuisine derived from tradition, and wonderful ingredients.
The taste of "enoteca non troppo".



Rather than adding various things to the ingredients,
We offer dishes that make the most of the natural flavors of the ingredients, such as shorthorn beef and Ezo deer, vegetables such as butterbur sprouts and Japanese parsley, and fish such as sweetfish whitebait and prawns.
In addition, by regularly visiting Tsukiji, where some of the best products in Japan are available, he is inspired by the discerning eyes of the traders, and he never stops learning and continues to improve.
We also offer classic Italian dishes that are not very common in Japan, so please come and try them.

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