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Enoteca Nontroppo Reservation Form

Nontroppo is always waiting for you, like family and friends.

How to make a reservation

Reservations after 8:00 p.m. must be made by phone.
Reservations for the day can be made by phone.
As we are a small restaurant, reservations for counter seating for 3 or more people, or table seating for 5 or more people must be made by phone.

Children must be elementary school age or older.

(Exclusive use, small children welcome for lunch.)

Depending on the restaurant's situation, we may be able to provide you with a seat even for a time slot that is marked "X" on the online reservation system.
Please feel free to call us. 03-5313-3339

■We may call you to confirm.
■Please note that we may be unable to accept your reservation due to time differences and the restaurant being fully booked by phone.

If you have any allergies, likes or dislikes, please write them in the message section.

★Want to try custom-made courses and caviar for a wine party or anniversary?
Please feel free to contact us with any inquiries, such as birthday cake requests.
★We also accept reservations by phone for standing parties (for approximately 20 people) and seated parties (for up to 14 people).

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Reservation - Mail form -

We accept inquiries via email.
​You can make a reservation via the above website or by phone if you are in a hurry. 03-5313-3339
Please fill out the form below and submit it.
The store will contact you to confirm.



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