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Take out menu

Enjoy the taste of Nonroppo at home...

Takeout Tupperware
Take out: Disposable container

A la carte

The a la carte menu will be based on Nontroppo's usual menu! Please check the restaurant's latest menu for the menu.

*Spaghetti and other short pastas that do not stretch easily can also be used.

Chef's choice course

2 types of appetizer + pasta + fish + meat ¥6,600​

This course allows you to fully experience the charms of Nontroppo. Perfect for anniversaries and other special occasions!

*Prices include tax (8% for takeout).

Take out & delivery
Delivery image


As if I went to Nontroppo

You can enjoy a leisurely and delicious meal.

Of course, there's no need for complicated arrangement or cleaning up afterwards. Perfect for anniversaries and other special occasions!

Reservations must be made at least one week in advance!

Chef's choice course

Omakase course (from ¥6600) + ¥2200 + shipping

about shipping cost

Delivery will be by taxi.

We will charge you for the taxi fare from Nontroppo to the delivery destination and back.

*Prices include tax (8% for takeout).

Osietra Caviar
Caviar image

Premium box of caviar and vodka

This premium box is for enjoying caviar at its most delicious. It is perfect for anniversaries and as a slightly luxurious gift. Perfect for anniversaries and other special occasions!

Reservations must be made at least 3 days in advance!

Osietra caviar and vodka
Premium Box

Set of the highest quality Motola caviar with blini and sour cream ¥11,880

Mottora Japan Ossetra caviar 28g Stlicinaya premium vodka 50cc (free gift) / Shell spoon for caviar Vodka glass 6 buckwheat blinis Shallots, chives, sour cream

Mottora Japan Oscietra Caviar

"Osetra" is the world's most popular luxury black caviar. It is the highest quality pure black caviar, carefully grown 24 hours a day. Motla caviar is "malossol" with a salt concentration of 2.5% to 3.5%. Compared to regular caviar (8% to 10%), you can taste the original flavor. It has a rich and mellow flavor worthy of being one of the world's three great delicacies. The firm, moderate graininess and sticky texture without crushing, tearing, or odor speaks of its high freshness.
Enjoy the strong flavor and pleasant aftertaste with a hint of sweetness.

Stlichnaya Premium Vodka

A premium vodka that is also loved at dinner parties.

A classic style made with rye, wheat and corn, with an exceptionally smooth and soft flavor.

When you put it in your mouth, you can taste gentle sweetness, white pepper, and anise.

Of course, caviar goes well with vodka. It's such a perfect combination that you can barely taste the alcohol.

This premium set comes with two complimentary shots of vodka.

How to order takeout

Take-out will be available at the store.

For the best taste, we cook after you order.

Please allow sufficient time when ordering.

​A dish for each and every customer.​

Please visit us or call us to order a la carte and delivery courses.

The chef's choice course and caviar premium box can also be ordered online.

We can also accommodate requests to arrange the food on a plate in a way that matches the table setting for anniversaries and other special occasions, and provide sauces and other items separately.

*It may take time to prepare ingredients and ingredients. Please contact us a few days in advance.

Please also consult us about any allergies you may have.

・We can also make meals softer for small children and the elderly, and reduce the oil content.

Please contact us regarding containers when ordering.

Take out & delivery
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Take out



& Delivery

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